Rating System

Book Review

A book review is very subjective.  What one person likes, another may find extremely boring.  What one person deems relevant, to another may seem insignificant.  And then there is the matter of interest.  A book may be extremely well-written and informative, yet its audience may be limited due to its subject.  I do my best to read a wide variety of books that vary in length, topic, and style.  Generally, I like to read about history, religion, biography, mystery, the classics, and science, in that order.  I do not read read romance, and rarely do I read novels.  I base my rating on whether or not the book was enjoyable to read as well as on how much I learned.  These are my two criteria because I read to learn and to be entertained.  Using the standard five-star rating system that many of us are familiar with, I have adapted my rating system from stars to number of pizza toppings with one being the lowest and five representing the best.  Please feel free to disagree with any rating of a book that I give; I promise you that it will not change my opinion.

Pizza Review

While I cannot claim to be an official food critic, I can claim to be somewhat of an expert when it comes to pizza (anybody can, really).   Since the time I was child eating my first personal pan until now, I have eaten pizza from hundreds of pizzerias across the world.  I have eaten pizza in Lusaka, Zambia; London, England; Mexico City, Mexico; and just about any place in America.  I live in the Chicagoland area, home of the deep-dish pizza and many hundreds of pizzerias both great and small.  From my experience eating all of these pizzas, I can tell you that there has been rarely a time when I did not enjoy it ( I ate a pineapple pizza in Mazabuka once that was atrocious!).  Each pizzeria specializes its own pizza, and every pizza has its own special delight.  Because of this, I have found that the best way to rate pizza is not by its taste nor by the enjoyment that is experienced at the moment of dining but rather by the amount of antacids that are needed afterwards. Therefore, I have adapted an inverse five-star rating system changing the stars to Tums with one Tum being the best and five Tums representing the worst. “Tums Up” means that the pizza was worth it; “Tums Down” means it was not.


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