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Wanted: Personal Pan Pizza Lovers

pizza3Admit it. You didn’t read that book to learn. You just wanted that personal pan.  In fact, you haven’t picked up a book since the 6th grade because then you finally realized that you didn’t have to read a book in order to eat pizza.  Truth be told, the only things you’ve checked out from the library in the past 10 years have been movies, and the only habit that you developed from those early formative years is that weekly run to Pizza Hut. But is that the only impression that BOOK IT left on you? Don’t you remember the thrills, the fantasies, the anticipations, the mysterys, the drama, and the emotions that were bound within the covers of all those books? Well, they still exist, and there are thousands, yea millions of adventures to travel, true stories to be heard, and mysteries to be discovered. It’s time to come to grips with yourself. You see BOOK IT did more than just install a lifetime love for pizza, but it also instilled within you a personal, intimate, and passionate relationship between you and your books. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, nevertheless, there are many of us who have never stopped reading. Some books have been life-changing; others have been a waste of time. So here is my opportunity to review for you  some of the best and some of the worst books that I have read without ever winning that personal pan pizza. Speaking of pizza, I will also be including reviews of some of the best pizzas that I have come across since I sank my teeth into my first personal pan pizza many years ago. Who could ever know that such a harmless program as BOOK IT could be responsible for such life long addictions. So to all of you who want to remain skinny and illiterate, BEWARE OF BOOK IT!



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